Superior Nutrition for Clever and Healthy Babies:

Discover which foods are beneficial for your child during the *important first 36 months* 
-- and which foods are not --
how to prepare and when to feed them, plus
 everything else you need to know about the
popular myths & misconceptions of baby food

Combining  Modern  Science & Traditional  Secret  Knowledge
to overcome our modern world´s myths about nutrition

> Do you wish you had a blueprint showing you which things to feed, when to feed, how to prepare them - and also what´s important not to do, which foods to avoid in the beginning - or for good ?

> Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and confused by the mass of information you can find on that topic, in books, on the internet etc.?

> Not to mention that what you'll find often contradicts what´s being recommended somewhere else!

> It often seems like there´s no way to not make a mistake - either thing could be wrong !?

> I don´t know what you´re thinking or feeling but if you´ve experienced anything similar I know how you´re feeling, you don´t know what to do or who to trust.

> We´ve all been there -and it´s not even our fault.

> It's so easy to be misled by all the manipulation, false information and half-truths out there.

> I´m glad my friend and colleague Dr. Fischer has put together his specialized knoledge and expertise on the topic of baby nutrition in his baby food program you can download here.

But see for yourself:


From the desk of Dr. Daniel Fischer
West Coast Portugal, July 2008


 Dr. Daniel Fischer
 Author of the Baby Food Program

Dear Moms and Dads,

if you read on you will learn how and why today´s standard baby nutrition affects your child´s overall health and wellbeing - and how exactly you can avoid its dangers and discover the best possible way to feed your baby today.

But first let´s set one thing straight:

Do you care about your baby´s health?

I mean - really care?

"Of course" you say?   Well, we´ll find out in a minute...

(Stay with me here, I´m trying to make an important point!)


As I see it - when a baby is born it instantly becomes the most important thing in his or her parents life.

So you love your child and quite naturally want only the best for him or her.

Being a father myself and judging from my professional experience I would say that one of the biggest concerns parents always have is - the health and wellbeing of their child.

And regarding this there are two important things to look at:


  1. The most important thing for a newborn is without a doubt the warm and loving closeness of his parents.
    It builds the foundation of the child´s emotional health.

  2. The second most important thing is the right nutrition.
    It is the foundation for the baby´s physical and mental development, health, vitality - and life energy.

While most parents do know about No.1 (though many still underperform in this area), only few are aware of the importance of how you feed your child - especially in our modern, industrialized world.  

Parents generally approach this issue in 3 very different ways:


3 Types of Parents

1. Many parents simply don´t care. They don´t care about their own nutrition and they don´t care about their child´s nutrition either. They simply lack of awareness to this subject. These people just eat what tastes best or is cheapest.

2. Also many parents do care about a healthy diet - yet they believe that industrially produced baby food is a good choice - as it may appear to be a very "advanced" and "state-of-the-art" nutrition specialized for babies - if you believe the commercials showing people in white lab coats etc. And these parents do and want to believe it. And they are very sure that their opinion is right. They won´t change their mind - even in the face of modern scientific evidence or the findings of decades of traditional practical experience.


Both are what I would call "don´t really care".

Type #1 doesn´t care at all, it all never crossed his mind.

Type #2 thinks he cares - but he doesn´t truly care, too. These people - and it´s sad there are so many of them - are running on a kind of mental autopilot - ignoring and not ready to confront anything new or contrary to their belief-systems. There´s not even an evaluation. To them it´s more important to be right and not to be urged to reconsider the things they live by. It´s not that they wouldn´t know or couldn´t do - they just plain don´t want to change anything. Therefore to me they don´t really care.

Hey, don't you agree: the plain possibility should be enough reason to listen and think again - if it´s about your child´s health - right?

It´s self-evident for us, but not for them, they rather cling to that reality and belief system they´ve made up to live by passively.

Parents like you and me, we want to know what's going on in order to being able to deal with it effectively. Even if that means we have to move out of our comfort-zones. We know that it´s the only way to lead a stronger, better life.


To anyone belonging to categories 1 or 2 - I suggest to stop reading here and leave this website right now. It will not be of any help to anyone holding on to his or her opinion. I respect everybody's "belief" or "opinion". 
So everybody should also please respect that I generally only work with people who are ready and open. All else would be a total waste of time and energy. For both. And I´m not here to try to convince anybody of anything, or to change anybody's mind, or to discuss things.

Thanks for dropping by and all the best!


The chinese have a saying:  

"When the student is ready, the teacher appears."



Please don´t get me wrong here, it was was very important to clear the air because now...


You Will Learn About Things You´ve Probably Never Heard Before

 Here´s a f.ree little coaching insight:

"When you want to learn, entering a situation with a closed mind is counterproductive. When you think you want to learn but are holding tightly to your preconceptions and beliefs, you expect that you will learn, but really all you can do is rearrange what you already know - or believe you "know"."

Easy to understand I guess.


A closed mind is like a closed book; just a block of wood. ”  

                                                      - Napoleon Bonaparte

I know it might not be easy in the beginning because we've been conditioned to believe certain things since we were little.

But it´s well worth a try.


Now that we´ve got that out of the way I want to talk openly:


So Fortunately There Is Group No. 3:

A a small but steadily growing number of parents, just like you and me. We do care about healthy nutrition, some already know a lot about it and are on a good way, but still wonder about this and that and here and there still fall victim to many of the existing half-truths, myths or straightout lies. Some often do particular things only because they believe them to be beneficial or healthy - when in reality they actually aren´t. Main reason being that we (including doctors and dieticians) have been manipulated and lied to by the food industry for decades.

We have the right consciousness for these issues, we want to do it in the best possible way and we are open and thankful for every piece of reliable advice and support we can get.

We want to know, we want to learn.

We just need the right information.


Well, I've Got News For You...


This is for us!!

Because what you´re going to find out within the next 5 minutes will definitely have a higher impact on your child´s wellbeing than anything else you can buy in a bookstore, read in a magazine or find out with the helps of Google, MSN or Yahoo.


Even if you already know a lot about nutrition, because...


Many Parents "Feed" Their Babies Sick

This of course happens unintentionally and unknowingly in the majority of cases, but still it does happen. It even happens to health-conscious parents.

And it´s only and simply because these parents don´t know better.

In fact - the majority of today´s standard health problems in babies, toddlers and children in general - from colics, bloating, diarrhea and constipation, to recurrent infections and inflammations, allergies and asthma, diabetes and obesity, skin problems and even hyperactivity (ADHS) - can and must be linked to the wrong nutrition. 

And these troubles and diseases could of course be prevented - and easily so.

Yes, simply by choosing the right foods for your baby, the right way to prepare and to feed them - AND by avoiding the "bad" foods, those that are unsuitable in the first stages of life - you remove this usually undetected cause of most common baby-problems.

But there´s even more to this...


The First 3 Years Are Crucial

Above all the foods parents provide their baby with build the foundation of his or her lifelong health and wellbeing.

Poor nutrition in the early stages of life, especially during the first 36 months, can not be made up later on.

The body and the brain have to be provided with sufficient amounts of the right type of energy especially in these early stages, in order to being able to develop the way they are supposed to by nature.

The inner organs - especially the stomach, spleen and intestines - need a certain amount of energy to develop, take up and maintain their proper functioning. If the food you feed your baby does not provide the necessary quantity and quality of energy the whole process of digestion and assimilation of food and it´s nutrients will not work properly.

Your baby will then suffer from colics, flatulence and diarrhea. Furthermore it is prone to develop asthma, allergies or food intolerances later on in life. The digestive organs can be compared to an engine that needs fuel and oil to perform with full power. The worst thing is, that - as a baby is still about to develop proper body functions during the first three years of life - a lack of energy in this process will result in a livelong weakness of digestion, poor assimilation of nutrients, vitamins, minerals etc. Because the "engine" could never grow and build up to it´s full natural potential!

You could for example feed your baby as many iron-rich foods as possible - if his or her body is unable to absorb the iron in relevant amounts due to a weak digestive power - the iron will end up in the diaper - and not in the blood and the cells where it´s needed.

So that was:

Lesson 1: Intake does not equal ingestion!


In the long run, weak assimilation and poor energy production of course have very far-reaching effects on your child´s health and vitality:

  • an overall low level of physical energy

  • weak muscles & bones

  • a low metabolism

  • a tendency to put on fat easily

  • vitamin and mineral deficiencies

  • allergies and food intolerances

  • a generally weak immune-system

  • and - as a result - a disposition to chronic and/or recurrent infections, inflammations and other health problems.


For this reason, there are 2 simple things to do:

You have to make it first priority to provide your child with foods that contribute to the proper development of healthy body functions.

On the other hand, all foods that interfere with or have negative effects on this process, should be avoided or reduced significantly (it depends).


Sounds pretty simple and easy, hm?

The ancient chinese knew that nutrition is the best health prophylaxis - and therefore an important issue to look at in order to protect and maintain one´s health.

And of course - the very best and most important thing to do - is build a good foundation from the very beginning. The first months of life are the most sensitive and susceptible concerning this matter - and are therefore of outstanding importance.

Today´s problem here simply is that the modern standard baby-food - the stuff most baby´s are fed, i.e. the jars, instant powders, formula foods and ready-to-eat toddler meals etc. you can buy in drugstores or supermarkets - is all but what could be called health promoting.

Based on the latest scientific research of biophysicists, as well as traditional chinese medicinal knowledge, these foods actually have quite the opposite effect! They are generally too cooling, highly mucus-forming, promote inflammations and are low in vital energy.

Only some not-so-up-to-date conventional medical staff/doctors/dieticians will (unknowingly) tell you other.


Want A Super-Baby?

Infants fed with high-value foods are proven to be not only healthier but also more intelligent.

They radiate energy, have bright, vivid eyes that almost seem to be sending out beams, they are more active and will also, later on, have significantly less cravings for unhealthy foods.

And in case your child consumes something unhealthy from time to time (which cannot be prevented as it is getting older), these foods have a lot less impact on the health and wellbeing.

A body that is provided with all that it needs to function properly on a regular basis can easily handle occasional bad influences.

I´m pretty sure you don't want to feed your baby with nutritionally poor, health-affecting and overly expensive commercial baby foods. Otherwise you wouldn´t be reading this.

And after all, you know you can do much better yourself. But at the same time you want to be sure that your babys´ diet is appropriate for his/her age as well as being balanced and complete, providing your baby with everything he/she really needs.

But - nowadays, if you want to provide your child with only the best, most beneficial, health promoting foods...


Well, Then You´re Facing A Problem

It´s a problem all caring, health-conscious parents encounter:

You don´t know what exactly you should do!

Of course you can find a lot of information everywhere - you will certainly be given some kind of advice by doctors or nurses, or you can buy some books or magazines about baby nutrition or surf the internet for baby recipes, feeding schedules and other information.

So you might think our modern times make it easy and save...

Not so.

Sorry I have to crush your bubble, but:

Good quality information is very rare these days!

There´s too much information. And too much bad information that is.

Especially on the internet.

If I could offer you only one tip for the future...

... it would be to stay away from online baby forums where everyone and his brother will give their opinion on anything, and where people are arguing and where the blind are leading the naked...

So the problem lies in the difficulty of getting hold of the right information.

Everywhere you will find loads of different tips and theories. This huge and often contradictory, confusing mass of information is just what causes the problem you´re facing if you care just a bit:

You just can´t be sure what is right and what is wrong.

Because you don´t know.

All you can do is hope and believe you´re doing the right thing, that you are chosing the right way, that the advice you are being given is right.

But - in most cases this would be pure chance or luck at best. The devil is in the details...


And - it is not just a problem of "too much" information...

You´re being fed the wrong information
- intentionally!

If you have ever read anything about baby food on the internet or in magazines - it´s a sure bet you´ve been lied to, my friend.

Independent information is very rare these days, most of what your hear and read is concealed marketing, aimed at increasing sales either for special products or whole food groups (milk, meat etc.).

As a general rule I would give you the advice to always look at WHO is telling you something in the first place - and therefore get an idea what intention and interest is behind what´s been said, what goal is pursued by giving you this kind of “advice”. Just check out baby websites on the internet, if you look closely, you will see the author is a big company or a lobbyist organisation (sometimes you have to dig one or two levels deep in order to detect who really is behind the person, institution or company running the page).

As a result most of the advice you get - in magazines, books and brochures, on TV or the internet - and even (or especially) from doctors, nurses or nutritionists - is influenced by these half-truths, lies and popular myths and misconceptions. They themselves often don´t know better than what they´ve once learned (and nutrition is all but a major in medical education).  They more or less dabble at giving solid nutritional advice and just accept and repeat what they are being told by official sources without criticism.

Furthermore - even the vast majority of so called “scientific research” turns out to be funded by the food companies or industrial lobbyists.

This, of course, "influences" the results... following the well-known "don´t bite the hand that feeds you"-principle.

Big food companies don´t want you to know - and they do whatever they can, to cover-up and promote their straight-out lies. And doing this they get a helping hand by the FDA that strongly appears to be more concerned about the industry´s financial interests than about peoples´ health.

It´s all about marketing not so healthy products. And this way they infest most of the info that´s out there on the internet, in books and magazines.

The food companies actually don´t care about your or your baby´s health - especially if it would mean a loss in profits. Same goes for those pulling the strings in the agricultural industry, e.g. the milkprocessors, the meat- and egg-producers etc..


Want an Example of Shrewdness?

Although baby food companies officially state that breastfeeding is the best nutrition a baby can get,  they - behind the scenes - actually push the use of formula food.


And I am not talking about commercials only. They influence and bribe doctors and hospital staff worldwide to make women bottle-feed their babies instead of breastfeeding them. Especially in third world countries.

The International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) has already initiated a boycott of Nestlé products. I don´t want to go into detail on this here, but the point is clear. If you´re interested you can find more at

I´d rather like to make parents be aware of the fact that the marketing of these companies and agricultural industries is all about manipulating the consumers. You and me! 

They nowadays influence (or should I say "taint"?!) the vast majority of the published information about food and health. These "informations" are spread through so many different sources, from commercials and paid research and scientists -  to doctors and nutritionists who´ve once learned it that way in college and just don´t know any better.

Just one big conspiracy theory you think? Actually not. It´s very true and it´s very common. It´s just part of the system behind it - securing a company´s power and market position by all means possible. And it´s been like this for ages.

People just have to know and understand the "Why´s" - and become aware of the obstacles that are being put up intentionally - then they will naturally take the necessary steps to provide not only themselves but also their children with a truly beneficial nutrition from the start.

There´s a huge need to clear up things in this field. Especially among people in the western, industrialized countries. Conventional advice no longer matches the latest scientific findings about the factors that really make a difference when it comes to healthy food.

What you need is the truth - which apparantly is not easy to obtain.


So you´re pretty much stuck

All you definitely know is you have to find a better - or let´s say the best - alternative to industry baby foods. 

But like I said earlier, you don´t know how and where to look for it, what and whom to believe etc.

And if you tried you wouldn´t only have to dig real deep to find the good stuff - you´d also have to know what the good stuff is, once you found it.

If you´d find it at all.

Without the proper knowledge and experience it´s pretty much impossible to know what is right and what is wrong.


And that´s where I come into play... where you can profit from my knowledge, because...


I had the very same problem - and I´m a Pro!

When my son was born exactly 4 years ago (it´s his birthday today as I´m writing this) - I don´t know how much I would have given if someone had offered me this kind of information.  And this although I am a health professional myself.  I run my own company specialized in Personal Food Coaching, based on a holistic approach and a full array of traditional eastern knowledge as well as modern scientific nutritional research.

So what I want to say is: it is my job to know and show and coach people how to eat and live healthily, how to become and stay fit, lean, strong and energized.

I also let them know about the modern nutritional myths an scams that sabotage their efforts to succed from the very start.  And I don´t care about theories or "scientific proof". I see what works and what doesn´t.  The results count. And that´s all I care about.  Results.

I don´t want to toot my own horn here - but it´s save to say that I know quite some more about nutrition and it´s effects on the body than the majority of doctors and dieticians - and definitely a whole lot more than the average person.

But - with the birth of my son - even I sometimes saw myself confronted with questions I couldn´t answer right away and some problems I had never encountered or even thought of before.

A baby´s needs and "sensitivities" are completely different from the ones of grown-ups of course.

So I had to get into it, really deep. It took me quite some research in a multitude of resources (modern scientific sources as well as traditional resources I fortunately have access to through my chinese teacher). Furthermore I did an extensive review of the majority of the currently available books on the subject of baby nutrition, scanning them for some reasonable, useful content, then matched it all up, did some try and (luckily not too much) error whilst continuously evaluating my findings -- until I had gathered the necessary knowledge and experience I needed to feed a baby (my son in this case) in a close to 100 % health promoting way to-day.

And I used this knowledge successfully raising my little one - and he´s a healthy and intelligent child full of energy. And apart from a 3-day-fever twice and a runny nose here and then, he´s never been seriously sick.

"Health is resistence" my teacher always said.

Now I can help you...

Since then babys and toddlers have more and more become the focus of my work and daily practice. Spread by word of mouth ever more clients were seeking my consultation not for themselves but for their children. Even other doctors and nutritionists are now seeking my advice in order to get up-to-date (I admittedly was quite surprised the first time I got such a request by a dietician - but the feedback was amazingly positive)!

And I personally believe the way how we feed our children - and build their foundation of wellbeing, energy, intelligence and health - is such an important issue especially today. Strong people lead strong lives. 

So for the fact that I can help only so many people personally - and as the questions and problems are always similar and more or less repeating - I have decided to create a possibility to give a larger number of people worldwide the opportunity to get hold of my informations and insights. And in an easy, convenient way.

Because I always thought "If it was that hard for me to find my way - how hard must it be for the layman?"

Next to impossible I would say.

So now, for all of these reasons, you too can have it simple, easy and safe...

Because all this special knowledge, the essence of naturally beneficial baby food as the cornerstone of health and vitality, I have now put together in a home-study-baby-food-coaching-program. Previously only available in german I have now translated it into english.

The baby food program:

In this program I reveal and make available to public my complete professional expertise and practical knowledge, making the "baby food program" an easy and comprehensive, take-you-by-the-hand, no nonsense, true-to-the-core guide to your baby´s first foods, leading you step-by-step through the first 36 months of your baby´s life.

baby food coaching program

It provides all that hard-to-find, holistic - yet scientifically proven - information you need. Information not influenced and constrained by the industry´s scams, tricky marketing and common nutritional myths.


In the baby food program you will learn about

the one most essential prerequisite for your babys´ health

which "nutrient" is the most important for your baby - and it´s not a vitamin or mineral

a complete feeding plan with comprehensive lists showing which foods are beneficial from the 6., 10.,12., 24. month of age


the foods that are being promoted as healthy out of pure "commercial proposition"

how to easily self-prepare your baby´s first foods - 4 simple basic recipes for baby cereal/puree that are all you´ll ever need


which foods should be avoided either until after a certain age - or for good


the effects of jarred food, baby meals and formula on your baby - and the food industry´s intention behind this


the foods that are commonly known as healthy foods - but in reality are the main cause of numerous health problems in babies, toddlers and grown ups
a diet for babies with intolerances, allergies, asthma, skin-problems or recurrent infections and inflammations

basic guidelines on how a "perfect day of eating" for a toddler, child (and of course for growns-ups) could look like (what, when, how...)


helpful information on breastfeeding, effective treatment of breastfeeding problems and traditional chinese nutritional advice for breastfeeding mothers


It is compact, clear, straightforward, no filler, no B.S., bite-size, easy to apply feeding-schedule/recipe-book/info-source - and therefore totally unique today.


"First of all many thanks for the compilation of "baby food", a really useful book, and a very entertaining read...

Marion Markovic "

A Must-Have for all Parents

The program will guide you safely through the first 36 months of your babys´ life - the time that is by far the most important when it comes to a nutrition that promotes proper development, health and wellbeing of your child.

All you learn can be applied directly - it´s all practical and has been tested and proven by me and hundreds of happy parents.


"Hi Daniel,

... what I especially liked about it was that I could apply single tips and bits of advice straight away without having to read the whole program first..."

Matthias Bathen " 

By reading the "Baby Food"- Program (or better yet, "studying it"), you will learn more about truly beneficial baby nutrition than you could from an entire shelf of mainstream baby publications at your local bookstore - or surveying a busload of doctors and nutritionists.

You get all of my coaching knowledge about baby food - just as if you were one of my personal coaching clients - but for a fraction of the cost.


"Hello Mr Fischer,

 ... it is all so well explained that it can be applied easily!
Overall, I was able to find a good solution with the help of your advice ... and furthermore I am more satisfied with it (esp. because I can self-prepare his food), compared to all the other junk I fed before, and Benjamin is full of beans.

I can only recommend this method!

Many thanks again and all the best

Christine Thalhammer-Link "  

Click here to download the baby food program


"Hello Mr. Fischer!

In the beginning the baby food program has somehow bewildered me, as it was totally different from anything else I had been reading about baby food before.
I finished reading it within 2 days and then had to "digest" for a couple of weeks :-)

Meanwhile I have changed my daughters diet accordingly (11,5 months old) - and with great success! She used to suffer from constipation from the very day she was born, which is now over.

Apart from that, it´s quite a good impulse not to believe everything the food companies propagate. It´s also good that you don´t elaborate too much on the background of your advice, that helps with just doing it.

I have trusted in the correctness of your information - and I was not disappointed, THANKS!

Your commitment and dedication is really fantastic.

Btw. have you published anything about nutrition for grown-ups also?

Best wishes

 Sarah & Sofia Petersen " 

It´s "all-in-one"

Never have all the traditional and modern disciplines of medicine and nutrition and healing been merged and put together into a practical baby program before. You could always only follow either one path or the other. You could either apply modern nutritional guidelines or follow alternative naturopathic recommendations, do it the chinese way or get a book on ayurveda or the bloodtyping diet etc.. You could believe your doctor, the nurses, or nutritionists in magazines or you could try and find some alternative way. 

It´s always "either - or". And one often contradicts another. So whatever theory you followed, you could be doing something wrong. And to me as a father that was not a very comforting thought - because after all it was about my son´s health!

I guess you - like me and most parents - want to be dead sure in this case. Your baby is not a guinea pig. There´s no room for try & error - or just hoping it will be fine.

For this reason the "baby food"- Program contains the "true core" you find when you merge and combine all the different methods, systems and approaches of 


  • Traditional Chinese Medicine and 5-Elements-Nutrition,

  • Ayurveda,

  • naturopathic and alternative medicine,

  • the Bloodtype-Diet,

  • up-to-date pediatrics, 

  • latest biophysical science & research


It is not "either - or" -- it is everything combined!

It´s the essence of what works for all of them, and therefore is the essence of what is true. And it´s backed by 5 thousand years of experience in the eastern traditions AND the latest scientific research.

This is what makes the program so special.

With the knowledge of "baby food" you´re leaving the zone of discussion and controversies forever.

No more contradictions and half-truths, no more doubts.

Because if modern science and traditional knowledge agree in important aspects - what could you worry about?

From the moment you hold the program in your hands and follow it´s guidelines, you can and will feel safe that you´re doing the right thing for your baby. It´s all so clear once you read it. It´s amazing.


Here´s one of my favorite customer emails :-) :

"Dear Mr Fischer

maybe you can remember me, I was the one with the "panic-mail" ;-)

I was so glad about your response because I´d actually not expected an answer at all - and I was astounded by your dedication.

I followed the personal advice you gave...

Elin is sensationally well now.
What has helped me most were the food lists I´ve been using to introduce solids to Elin (my daughter). It´s a little try and error still, she does not like pumpkin for example - but carrots are the big hit. And the list is a support I wouldn´t want to miss.

I´m feeding organic only and I´m almost leading war against the relatives who even wanted to feed her sweets and syrup. But with your program backing me up I have a save feeling and it all stresses me a lot less.

Even though it has already been too late for some of your advice, I think I could really get something out of this programm, for me and Elin. I´m endlessly happy I have read it, dead honest and without flattery.
It´s always shocking to see how big the influence of the industry giants is. They have such an ability to make us feel insecure, unsure... it´s unbelievable....and then the consequences! That´s what I´m thinking each time I see a mother feed Nestlé-Cereal to her child, with best intentions. It sometimes makes me really sad.
Let me tell you once again how much I appreciate your response and support and I´m happy every time I hear from you. I have to think of you every time someone pays Elin a compliment about how receptive she is, how healthy and balanced. I´m now forwarding a portion of these compliments to you! :-) 

Wishing you a wonderful week and all the best!

Dearest greetings,

Mirjam Eichenberger, Lenzburg, Switzerland "  

Click here to download the baby food program


Your investment in your child´s health

By now you´re probably asking yourself how much this program will cost.

May I be blunt with you?

I know that you may be skeptical.... and I've tried to give my best to make you aware of what "healthy" really means and how important the RIGHT nutrition is for your baby´s lifelong health, why it is so difficult to find and what big a difference the "baby food"- program can make for you and your child.

In the beginning I decided to give my baby-food-coaching-secrets away for free - as a form of pro-bono/charity thing, just for the cause. I gave away free downloadable Mini-Reports and eCourses.

And I´ve spent hours answering questions in baby forums on the internet in order to help and clear up things. (With loads of people who knew it all better and often even discredited me or my intentions. The most unrewarding thing you could do.)

And I have learned when people get something for nothing they usually place no value on it (this includes my own close friends). 

So I have decided to do the next best thing, to reveal this knowledge at a cost anyone can afford.

The german original version of the "baby food"-program currently sells at a special 37,- Euros (~55$), with a list price of 47 € (~70$). Very reasonable compared to my hourly fee for personal coaching (which is 100 € (~150$)/hour - and when it comes to babies 2 hours are needed at least - so you´re looking at a value of 300$ easily).

In order to make the coaching program affordable not only to parents who buy $899 Bugaboo baby strollers, Dr. Silva has twisted my arm to arrange for you an even better, very special offer for the downloadable english version of the same program. You´re not gonna pay anywhere close to 55 $ or even 70 $. You can get it now for a low one-time installment of 37$.

Yes, that´s US-$, not €uros ;-) !

Considering the value of this information - and in comparison to what your child´s health and wellbeing are worth - it´s PEANUTS!



super baby food limited time offer 

SPECIAL Promotion for

Today´s first 20 orders will be available for the price of a cheap ordinary baby book: 

$ 19.99 !!!

The downloadable ebook version is in a PDF-format and works on Mac & PC. You will get access to the "baby food"-program in the next 5 mins. No shipping, no waiting. Get your copy now:



And to remove the last bits of doubt or scepticism - your order is risk-free:


All Purchases Are Protected By Our
100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We really want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase of our products and programs, and we're completely confident you will. So let us remove any doubt from your mind…

Try and test the baby food program for a full 6 months. If you're not thoroughly convinced that your purchase was worth everything you paid, simply send us an eMail and we'll refund the entire purchase price.


Why would I make an offer like this?

It's simple. I want to spread this knowledge and make it available to as many parents as possible. It really is important. It´s about our children.

This is my personal mission as a father and as a food coach. Over the past 3 years I've seen what this "baby food"-knowledge can do.

I´ve seen babies get rid of bloating, of throwing-up after being fed, of chronic inflammations etc. ... I get eMails (you´ve seen some excerpts above) from mothers thanking me and saying how much it helps and how assured and safe they feel now  ... I´ve seen babies grow happy and healthy with an abundance of energy when before they had caused great anxiety to their parents.

If you don´t take me up on this offer, my life probably isn't going to change all that much, but what about yours - and your son´s, or daughter´s? 

The question is not if you can afford it - but if you can afford to pass this up.


So don't put it off.  Get started today.  


Give your child the best you can!


All the Best, 



Dr. Daniel Fischer

Personal Food Coach
Health & Fitness Consulting


P.S.: You´ve seen enough and don´t want to take chances? Then go and download the program now. Within 2 minutes from now you get access to these literally life-changing informations.




P.P.S: You´re still on the fence? Well, I´ve said it all about the product. You just have to make up your mind about what´s more important to you: $19.99 or the opportunity to get the blueprint of the best baby nutrition available? I´d rather lose 20 bucks than blow this opportunity - EVEN IF - it turned out to be a bummer (which it won´t).

Solving all my baby food problems and thereby securing my baby's health by investing $19.99 is truly a no brainer. Get it here.





Dr. Silva & Assoc. and has acquired permission from Dr. Fischer to publish and develop his baby feeding information that we called "The baby food - Program". Dr.Silva & Assoc. and is permitted to distribute and promote this program.

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